Li-Ion Batteries

KINGWELL sticks to quality first, and aims to provide high performance and reliable lithium-ion cells and batteries. Both pouch type and prismatic type cells in shape are provided, then different battery packs are assembled according to customers requirements.

This kind of consumer li-ion batteries are the best choice for a number of modern high-tech products in the portable electronics device. They provide stable output with high voltage, long lasting and reliable main power, occupying a minimum of space and weight in the corresponding devices.such as mobile phone tablet, POS device, GPS tracking device. 


High Voltage Lithium ion Batteries

High energy density

Stable and long cycle life.

Available voltage(chemical systems): 4.35V/4.4V/4.45V.


High Temperature Lithium ion Batteries

Temperature range: -20~80℃.

Safe and stable performance.


Low Temperature Lithium ion Batteries 

Wide working temperature range: -40~60℃. 

High usable capacity: 80% of rated capacity at -40 deg.C.

Low temperature charge: -20 deg.C.


Features and advantages

  • High voltage: 4.2V
  • Higher energy density;
  • Long cycle life: >500cycles.
  • Low self-discharge Rate ;
  • Fast charge: 1C charge for all models. Some mobile phone batteries support max 1.5C fast charge.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -20~60℃
  •  Flexible in shape
  • 1000+ models or customized design.
  •  Reliable battery pack design and production.



Smart phone, smart watch, TWS, tablet, Smart cards,USB-Key, blue-tooth, Portable handheld device, medical equipment, etc


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