Kingwell is committed to investing in R&D to create competitive products and solutions.

To meet the needs of our customers, we focus on continuous customer-centric innovation. The goal of our product R&D is to deliver timely solutions for both potential and actual customer needs by developing innovations in technologies, products, solutions and services.

The Company has extensively implemented Systematic Product Development process within the R&D function. With thorough comprehension of customers' needs, we significantly shortened the timeline for products to reach the market and therefore helping our customers to achieve success.

With more than 160 professional engineer,from different field,such as material science,   electrochemistry, mechanics,electronics,software,communication, automation,IE ect,most of the engineer is with 8+ years experience,we are leading the battery technology in China,We have more than 30 patent in cell design,BMS,mechanical design,battery raw material ,equipment automation ect,some of these patent get prize from government and Top research center.we have the most advanced test lab,consisted by environment test lab,safety test lab,electrical performance test lab,chemical test Lab ect.Our lab cooperate with the China most authoritative battery and material research center ,so our lab can issue independent test report,base on ULUN,CE,Reach,Rosh and CCC ect test standard.We have strong full process ability from concept to design then to trial run and finally to stable mass production,and we have independent department,facility and factory to take charge of design,trial run and mass production.And we have a professional FAE team,include project engineer,project manager,protection circuit engineer, cell engineer,structural engineer,smart circuit engineer etc,our FAE team help customer for design and solution,and project engineer or manager are responsible for project full  process,from concept&design until stable mass production and yield improvement.

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